Semantic apps on mobile devices



  • SPARQL DROID Description from Google Play:Explore semantic technology on your phone or tablet.Sparql Droid is a tool for working with semantic technology.These early releases serve as a starting point and proof-of-concept. Future releases will begin to add connectivity to remote data sources, graphical exploration of the data and, ultimately, mashups of data from multiple sources.The long-term vision for the application is to allow mobile-based access to semantic data via SPARQL endpoints. As a mobile application it will need to facilitate access using graphical paradigms in place of text-based queries.Current FunctionalityThe application includes a few basic semantic technology features:- -The ability to reason over a (small) ontology- -The ability to execute SPARQL against:
    • - -the reasoned ontology
    • - -an external SPARQL endpoint
    • - -an external RDF data source

- -The ability to drilldown on some SPARQL results

Thoughts: I must admit, this is really a clever and fun app to have on a phone. Implementing reasoning on an ontolgy is very clever. It is nice to show to a group of students beginning a course on the semantic web. You can write SPARQL queries yourself, but it has some sample queries to remote servers, which is nice. But as the developer freely admits, its functionality and usability is very limited.

It also has potential as an embedded component in another app. It remains to be seen what special functionality the semantics will bring to whatever app that might be.

  • NotesMappr: Description from Google Play:NotesMappr is a notepad with powerful features and semantic web integration.
    NotesMappr is an advanced note taking app with powerful organizational features and is integrated with the semantic web (Freebase and, by extension, Wikipedia).